The tour of intention, attraction, & prosperity.

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So its been 10 years I need to finish. I am starting to focus on the Fifty State Photography Tour of intention attraction and prosperity. The trip of healing from surgery and marking off Colorado. Cell Service, Sponsored by Nibbles McCart INC. @HelloNibbles


Intention: to travel and create great images of people, places, & relationships. To provide the means for my life and to share in the human experience.

Attraction: I will set up at various locations to do portraits, Share my journey through all available networks and accept projects as they show up.

Prosperity: I will be accepting suggested donations for portraits, gifts, normal rates if asked, Sponsorship for the Photography work I create and share.



  • I can accept Photography work only.

  • I get to be affordable for everyone. Suggested Donations, Regular Price-list Services & Sponsorship’s will be excepted. (Wish List for supportive gifts Amazon List.)

  • I must visit all fifty states to complete of the tour.

  • Treat every person and space I am in with dignity.

  • Must get out and walk every day and meet people.

  • Be Available for Family.

  • Hugs are free <thank you, Misha Estrin.


Money est:

  • %10 will be tithed.

  • %25 saved for possible Taxes.

  • %15 equipment Upkeep repair and upgrades. < sponsorship welcomed.

  • (i.e. $20 suggested donation break down = $2 to my HP, $5 to country, and $3 for tools. This means if I need hotel that is 110$ a night I will need to create 11 portraits per day just for lodging. Then I have to think about health, food, transport, website & home.)


People that inspire me.

Current & future Clients, Rick Martinek, Fancy Ray McCloney, Misha Estrin, CoCo @oneanonlycoco, Teddy Mac, The staff at The Depot, Dem Atlas, Matt Allen Aka. NUR-D, Sam Aka. Som or Sun Chi, Jeff Spatifor, Jai Henry, The dudes at BlueCat Motorcycle, Mitchell Anderson, Brant Kingman, Bryan McCutchan aka Weekend Squire, Ta•coumba Akin, Dave Evens, Teresa De La Mora, My Fam, there are more names and I will add them as I go…

Thank you

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Venmo donations #711Tour

Venmo donations #711Tour

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Paypal donations #711Tour

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Cash App donations #711Tour